How to Create a Great Video with Little Work

It goes without saying that as a film insurance broker, we speak with so many producers about their super upcoming productions, us regular office folk sometimes want to get in on the creative action too.

Whilst we’d love to have briefed one of our clients to make us some corporate videos, our Managing Director could’nt help himself and wated to give it a go.

In the beginning we were hesitant to let him take the controls but when the final suite of videos were unveiled, we were actually very impressed with the outcome!

Take a sneak peak below at one of the final videos cut………

How he did it



  1. For editing: use an online tool like VideoliciousSlidely or Biteable
  2. For stock images: use an online tool like Fotolia or Pixabay
  3. For stock music: use an online tool like AudioBlocks
  4. For your files: make sure you get clearance for commercial useage
  5. For unnessary law suits: check copy for plagarism with a tool like Que Text
  6. For concept: be creative by sipping late night green tea.
  7. For inspiration: dive into your favourite spotify playlist (he was listening to 90’s hiphop)
  8. For copy: work late at night in your basement until you get it right.
  9. For review: get you friends / colleagues to provide feedback
  10. For the start: begin with an idea and set a deadline to finish.

Whilst our MD enjoyed the experimental process, he will be leaving video production to the pros and focusing on his day job. However, one great thing about stock footage is that you don’t need to buy video production insurance!

Stock footage aside, if you find yourself planning your next production and have some ideas that you’d like to run by us, please drop us a line as we’d love to hear from you.  Our main focus is arranging film insurance and we can also provide other specilast coverage depending on how creative you are. Put us to the challenge, it’s not often we can find a solution to insure films!

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