SINCE 1985

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IMS: Smart Insurance Made Simpler

We understand the intricacies that can be associated with sourcing and arranging  the right insurance for your needs.

Even if you have unique circumstances or requirements that other insurers struggle with, talk to our team and discover how we can help! 

SMEs & Local Businesses

Specialist Insurance for Unique Requirements

Since 1985, we’ve served 10,000s of businesses and placed insurance for 10,000s of clients with unique requirements.  Most of our business has come through referrals.

We build long-term relationships with our clients and support them in obtaining the right insurance, completing paperwork and handling claims.

Access to Specialist Underwriters

We offer policies where other insurers struggle

We are an independent insurers with 35 years experience sourcing and placing insurance with specialist underwriters.

If you have unique needs or circumstances, we can offer insight and source options quickly.

We encourage you to talk with our team.

Not all risks are obvious

Not all insurance is created equal

The insurance landscape is rapidly changing.

From changing weather patterns and uncertain economic outlooks to evolving cyber-security threats and new kinds of crime, the risks you must manage for your business and assets are evolving.  It is important that you stay ahead.

Our team provide specialist advice so you can rest assured.

Make sure you’re covered!

Expert Claims Support

Should things go wrong, we’re here to help

You often only discover how great an insurance policy in those tricky circumstances when you must make a claim.  In most cases, the specialist who placed your insurance will be your first point of contact should you need to claim.

We pride ourselves in supporting our clients in getting paid what they deserve with minimum fuss – and for larger or more complex claims – we often involve sector specialists.

We provide this independently of the underwriter and we’ll help you understand your rights and the steps to take.

You’ll discover our service to be personal, friendly and flexible to satisfy your insurance needs.
Even if you already have insurance, contact IMS for an objective second opinion.
You may discover we can offer you something way better than what you already have.