Film Production Insurance (Short Period)

A comprehensive insurance solution for the professional or amateur producing film and media content.

  • Non Appearance
  • Negative & Videotapes
  • Producers Indemnity
  • Technical Equipment
  • Public Liability
  • Employer’s Liability

Our comprehensive production insurance policy covers all aspects of a modern and compex production which safeguards cast, crew, rushes, camera equipment, locations and so much more. Our film production insurance package is available for shoots in the UK, EU or Worldwide and includes the following:


Non Appearance

Covers the financial consequences that you would suffer following a postponement, a stoppage or an abandonment of the shooting in the sole event of a death, injury by accident, illness or criminal arrest of a person that you have named during the insurance period of pre production, principle photography and post.

Negative & Videotapes

All financial losses that you would suffer following the deterioration, disappearance or destruction of any support used in your production (film, sound or film tapes, videotape, DVD, digital)

Producers Indemnity

The financial consequences that you (the production) would suffer following a postponement, stoppage or abandonment of the shoot due exclusively to damage following an accident, or the theft of the equipment, sets, buildings, vehicles, character and technical vehicles used for and during the production, or of any other good that is essential to the shoot.

Technical Equipment (hired & owned)

All shooting and sound equipment, transmission, reproduction, lighting including lamps, generators, special effects equipment, equipment vehicles and mobile studios used for the production is covered.

Loss of Hire

In the event of loss by accident to insured equipment hired in by the insured, the Insurer will indemnify the insured in respect of legal liability to pay loss of hire charges incurred by the owner of the equipment during the period necessary for reinstatement or repair.

Public Liability

The amounts that you should legally have to pay to third parties because of extra-contractual damages for which you may be liable to persons (actors, technicians, extras), buildings or animals that are under your responsability and imputable to the execution of the production insured in the specific conditions.

Employer’s Liability

Covers cast and crew for bodily injury and harm in the event of an accident on production. It is the producers responsibility to provide cover for those employed, contracting, paid or unpaid.

Props, Sets and Wardrobe

Covers all the objects necessary for the realisation of the production, such as sets, costumes, accessories, furniture, and similar objects belonging to you or under your liability.

Production Office Contents

Property specific to the occupation of the production offices. These goods do not have to belong to you to be covered, but must be necessary for the production.

Character Vehicles

Damages to character vehicles for which you are legally liable once they are on the production location and/or when they move along and/ore are moved from one shooting place to another. No cover is provided for road traffic act 1988 (liability insurance).


The repayment of cash intended for the needs of the production and that has been stolen by mugging the person of the production director or any other person appointed by the production.


Cover is provided for burglary, theft by or committed with physical violence for total or partial damage, and any loss whilst baggage is consigned to public transport.