Essential Element Coverage Insurance

An “essential element” is any person deemed indispensable to the production.

This coverage provides the producers with the right to abandon a shoot in the event the essential element becomes incapacitated due to an accident, illness or death, for a specified time, which prevents the completion of the production.

In the event of abandonment, the producers are reimbursed for all costs spent or incurred prior to the abandonment of the production.

Arranging Essential Elements Cover

Essential Elements is often required by a distributor that does not want a project to go ahead without a specific actor or director involved on a feature film or TV Series.

Cover is providable during the period of pre-production and principal photography; those required to be insured under Essential Element coverage would be subject to:

  • Sign a hazardous activity warranty form
  • Undertake comprehensive medical examination
  • Provide a copy of the distribution contract
  • Complete an Essential Element application