Drone/ UAV Insurance

With the rapid rise of robotic technology becoming more affordable, it’s never been a better time to shoot aerial photography.

If you operate any small drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) within the UK, we can arrange a bespoke policy to cover your UAV and any additional equipment including cameras, laptops and video accessories.

Insurable Drones/ UAV’s

Insurance for your drone or multiple UAV’s can be placed under a single policy. Annual insurance can be arranged for any drone/ unmanned aerial vehicle’s below 20kg in weight such as the following models:

  • Quadrocopter QU4D
  • Hexacopter H6X
  • Octocopter EI8HT
  • Any drone/ UAV up to 20kg

Key Features

The policy options has been carfefully considered to cover all the risks involved when flying, in transit and whilst grounded. Key covers to protect your UAV and it’s associated equipment include:

  • Full cover whilst in flight
  • Loss or damage to the drone/ UAV
  • Loss or damage to any associated equipment
  • Public liability insurance
  • Insure mulitple UAV’s on one policy

Make sure you get the right cover for yor UAV. Call us today to discuss the options available and any questions that you might have.